Purpose Statement

Human potential is the most valuable raw material – the right mix of quality opportunities, support and nurture fuels creativity and innovation. 

Organisations are a powerhouse of potential. The greatest and most innovative organisations will be those that know how to leverage their people factor.

Peoplenovate‚Äôs vision is to (i) help organisations unlock their people power, increase productivity and drive growth and innovation; and (ii) empower young people to maximise the chances of realising their full potential, without compromising their overall well-being. 

This site has been established as an editorial platform to reflect, engage, debate and celebrate “being human at workplace”.  There are three core objectives:

  • frame and scrutinise people problems that stifle growth and productivity at work;
  • review, debate and challenge existing literature, ideas and assumptions; and
  • offer solutions – at present through a combination of informative pieces and stories.

The stories have another purpose – to emphasise the value of human connections at workplace and demolish the mask of perfection.



This is the knowledge portal. Enter with the mind and engage ruthlessly

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Whispers by the Coffee Machine

This is the stories portal. Enter with the heart and connect without inhibition

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