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The Circus

Once upon a time, there was a town full of masked people. The most popular attraction of this town was The Good Old Circus, situated in the town square. It employed highly talented people from all across the world. A council of high masters handpicked the best performers and presented them to the public every […]

What Does it Mean to Adopt a Nurture Mindset

“One of the fundamental laws of nature is that; whatsoever is nurtured, nourished and nursed, eventually it germinates, grows and gains ground.“ – Dr. Lucas D. Shallua We are born tabula rasa. We bring certain innate gifts and characteristics to the world with us. This determines the starting point of our journey. But what becomes […]

The Story of Happiness

“There is no path to happiness, happiness is the path” – Buddha A pen. A paper. A quiet place. Let’s say we have these three things. Our task is to write the story of our life. In one sentence. It cannot be just another story. It has to be the truest, most authentic story, of […]

Good Enough

The eyes of propriety on Monday morning gasped at the sight of Catherine sprinting along Cheapside, elbowing the townies who crossed her path. A tiny poodle took offense at this rogue behavior and bit off the bottom hem of her trousers. The coffee Catherine held so dearly spilled onto her wrinkled white blouse. With no […]

The Dismissive Avoidant Employee

I am cool, calm, and collected. I keep my emotions in check. In general, I like my colleagues. They are more or less intelligent people. Are they smarter than me? I might keep quiet on this point. That all said, I keep my distance. I don’t believe in creating close emotional bonds with people. Doing […]

The Anxious Employee

My head spins each time I walk out of my boss’ office. It is hard to get him to speak more than one sentence. Be it a presentation. A feedback session. Or just generally anything. He barely communicates. My boss goes out of his way to strike up a conversation on only two occasions. When […]

What People Need in Business: A Dash of Love

“The transformative power of love is not fully embraced in society because we often wrongly believe that torment and anguish are our ‘natural’ condition” – Bell Hooks Are love and its expression a sign of strength or weakness? The answer is key to the topic discussed in this blog post. My personal thoughts are at […]

The Critical Boss

My actions are the source of a lot of whispers in this office. Why? Because I like to criticise. Business runs on one big secret. All employees tie their self-worth to their work. Most see their identity as being inseparable from their jobs. Me included. But being a boss means my words hold power over […]