What Does it Mean to Adopt a Nurture Mindset

One of the fundamental laws of nature is that; whatsoever is nurtured, nourished and nursed, eventually it germinates, grows and gains ground.

– Dr. Lucas D. Shallua

We are born tabula rasa. We bring certain innate gifts and characteristics to the world with us. This determines the starting point of our journey.

But what becomes of us depends to a great degree on the environment that we find ourselves in. Is it an environment that encourages or discourages? Do you have access to the counsel and support you need to progress? Can you thrive, or do you have to survive?

While we cannot always control the circumstances and situations we find ourselves in, it is possible to develop a nurturing relationship with ourselves, which in turn can help us choose environments that reflect our internal state of being and aspirations for growth and development.

How Can We Increase Nurture In Our Lives?

Nurture in our relationship with self: How about we free ourselves from unnecessary expectations and practice unconditional self-acceptance? It is like making a vow each day – that I choose to stand by myself for better or worse.

Nurture in organizations: How about we focus on strengths and find ways to build upon them? How about we train ourselves to be the shield that protects and uplifts rather than the bullet that kills?

Nurture in our relationship with others: How about we intentionally focus on relationships where effort, love, respect, and support are reciprocated? How about we train ourselves to be more non-judgemental and compassionate towards others? How about we pause and ask: how can I ease someone’s journey?

Top Three Ingredients of a Nurturing Mindset

Growth: Choose progress over perfection and understand that all learning happens developmentally. This builds self-compassion and avoids the comparison trap.

Psychological Safety: Choose environments that make us feel safe, cherished, loved, and supported. This means learning to set boundaries.

Behaviour: Our behaviours need not always be automatic. We can choose to develop and demonstrate behaviors that are most aligned with the good we wish to see unfold in our life.

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